Women Influencers' Global Mastermind Summit

Next Generation Women Influencers Summit

Becoming a GLobal Thought Leader- Making a Difference, Leaving a Legacy

New York City, NY June 9--11 2017

Berlin, Germany October 13-15 , 2017

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Out Next Generation Women Influencers Summit is once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of a powerful program that will develop you as a Thought Leader- Someone who is recognized as an authority in your chosen and specialized field and whose experience is sought after and often highly rewarded. As the trusted authority in your field, you will be the “go to” person and stand out from the crowd and competition. Once you establish yourself as a thoughleader, you are in a position to command higher feels and attract a higher caliber of clients. You will also become an influencer, one who is here to influence and impact the lives of others in positive and uplifting ways. Ultimately you will leave your mark on the world and live a life of difference making. Attending this summit promises to change your life and catapult you onto the leading edge.

Our Summit is dedicated to unleashing your highest potential and positioning you to make the contribution you are here to make. This Summit is a one of a kind extraordinary opportunity to expand your vision of what is possible, catalyze your business and leadership and expand your capacity for wealth creation. By becoming a Thought Leader, thousands if not millions of people will be influenced and impacted by your work. You will leave, having the blueprint, tools and strategies to create a lucrative lifestyle business organized around your true calling.

In attending our summit, you will not only learn the essential strategies, skills, philosophies, marketing and branding to position yourself as a Thought Leader, but will also have the priceless opportunity to become a part of an elite community of other thought leaders who are mutually committed to expanding and promoting your work even further. Attending our summit will position you to come together with other thoughts leaders for the betterment of mankind in our yearly conferences. Just think of how exciting it will be to create projects and meaningful endeavors with other thought leaders, solve problems and be on the cutting-edge in your leadership.

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What we can achieve together is so much greater than what any one of us can achieve alone.

This is an opportunity to take you, your leadership and your business to its next evolutionary phase of extraordinary success.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with Dr. Rita and an extraordinary group of women influencers and business leaders. Seating is limited!

This is a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary opportunity to elevate yourself, expand your influence and become part of a new, economic force reshaping the world.

Dr. Rita Lustgarten is a global thought leader, business growth strategist, leadership expert, social activist and philanthropist. She is CEO and founder of Women on the Leading Edge, Inc., a global leadership firm providing high level mentorship, executive leadership coaching, strategic and brand consulting and transformational programs in business and leadership development for high achieving women and women of influence. She inspires women to go beyond where they presently are, unleashing their creative potential as leaders and thereby attaining greater levels of significance, influence and affluence.

For over 25 years, her company has been changing women’s lives. Whether it be in the Fortune 500 companies, or with women entrepreneurs around the globe, her company is empowering women to define themselves from the inside out, unleashing the creative potential in themselves, their business and organizations. In empowering women to be authentically engaged in purposeful work that actualizes their unique calling, their success is ensured. Her company helps women to embrace their financial and leadership power, up-level their lifestyle, make an extraordinary living while making a significant difference in the world. This powerfully distinguishes them in the market place. She inspires women’s commitment to achievement and contribution. She is masterful at empowering women on a global level to leverage their talents and skills, build lucrative businesses, become the defining difference in the marketplace, and leave their mark on the world.

She is an advisor to top leaders in the financial, retail, environmental and non-profit industries, along with a number of celebrities. Through her international experience, Dr. Rita has come to know well, the deep threads of similarities that bring women together in their fight for voice, visibility, greater relevance, influence, contribution and in fulfilling their deep desire to make a difference. She has also come to know the transformation required for women to come to leadership mastery and become groundbreaking political, social and economic forces for inspiring world change. Her work elevates women’s financial and leadership power and helps women transform their lives from the inside out resulting in greater credibility, visibility influence, global reach and income.

She realized a long time ago that to become truly successful you need to become a leader in your own right and that influence is at the heart of leadership.

Dr. Rita’s company, Women on the Leading Edge, Inc. is dedicated to advancing women’s leadership, cultivating female world leaders, and helping women rise to higher levels of influence across all industries and sectors.

Dr. Rita is a keynote speaker and travels the world giving motivational talks on women’s empowerment and leadership. She is known for her ground breaking Global Leadership Summits and her Global Leadership Academy for Women of Influence. She is also the founder of the Women’s Global Think Tank.

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